Good Morning Vietnam! 2/7/12

Actually I have to say it wasn’t that bad but Walter woke up in one pissed off mood today.  He likes for us to go through his clothes with him to get dressed for school and we’ve drawn the line to playing Barbie.  Needless to say he wore the same shirt today that he wore yesterday and went to school feeling like he won.  I’m waiting for someone to pick on him about wearing the same clothes and I think that will work itself out.  We also need to separate his clothes better.  He’s been bought a ton of clothes by his birth mother but they are all sized for ages 3 to 12 and frankly he doesn’t care for a lot of them.  We need to separate what he needs and put it where he can reach it.  We also need to pick out school clothes the night before.  I think falling back into the routine was a shock to our grumpy little non-morning guy after winging it yesterday.  I just took it easy man and by the time we got to school we had a in depth discussion about why the Incredible Hulk is so awesome.  I might blog about that later but let’s just say he smacks planes out of the sky.

Strike!:  Walter started decorating his room yesterday with Allie.  This is the first time he started planting any roots.  This morning he added pictures of his birth mother and himself to the wall.  I have to admit it stung a little.  It’s ok though, I’m just going to take it easy and enjoy his interior decorating skills.

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2 Responses to Good Morning Vietnam! 2/7/12

  1. JoshG says:

    In our experience a child can be really attached to the clothes they came with, even if they don’t fit anymore. I’d suggest going through the clothes with him so he can let you know whats really important to him, and you might need to help him see what ones don’t fit. We ended up putting clothes aside to “revisit” and hopefully forget about.

    We put a corkboard in their rooms for the kids to decorate and its real interesting to see what they think is important to go on it. And yes, most of the corkboards still have pictures of their bio-parents, or family pictures with the bio-parents in it, even though they’ve been separated from them for a couple years now. It was hard at first, but it gives us an opportunity to let them talk about it if they need to. It hasn’t seemed to stop the love and attachment they’ve finally been able to give to us.

    On a side note, I have to check out that Dr. Leman book, great to hear it had an immediate effect.

  2. thedudedad says:

    Check it out. We learned the tantrums were more about us than him frankly. I don’t mind that he put the pictures up, I know it comforts him. It was just a pang of jealousy, she does not deserve the attention he gives her and I want better for him. I let it go almost immediately, now I just have to forgive myself for feeling that way. Oh well, lots of Tiny Flags in our victories around the house so I can’t complain. Also I very much enjoy discussing the intricacies of the Hulk.

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