Hitting some pins today. 2/4/12

No Nam Meltdowns at all today and he’s responding to the strategies of Dr. Leman.  The change in his attitude has been near immediate.  I realize in hindsight we were foolishly feeding the tantrums with our attention.  I also realize we were trying to rationalize with him which is like trying to explain the DVR to your parents over the phone. I haven’t quite perfected this but it’s going better than what I was trying before.  He shot me directly in the pupil with some silly string today and I was very un-dude like with a beard full of silly string and yelled at Walter.  So I went upstairs and sat on the computer for a bit then started the vacuum.  In comes little Walter waving at me to stop so I turn off the vacuum and he says “Sorry I shot your eye.”  I apologized for yelling and showed him my eye was fine.  This was the first time he’s apologized to me for something unprovoked.  Tiny flag, little victory.

I walked away again later this evening and my wife came and told me  he was really sad.  When I came out for dinner he was polite and respectful.  I’d love to tell you bed time was a strike but it was another gutter ball frankly.  I had to physically put him into bed 6 times, remove toys that were being struck (Ikea easel) and he wailed/cried for 15 minutes before going silent.  Not the prettiest but better than Monday I guess.

Good times today:  Walter walked up behind me with two baby carrots stuck up his nose.  It only cost me a dollar to see him eat them.

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