Same lane different ball… 2/3/12

So we get done with dinner and I tell Little Walter to go put his pj’s on, no bath, tooth time, reading in bed, sleep.  He starts mixing it up with the misses and frankly I’m so wiped I wasn’t even paying attention.  He comes out of the bedroom with a cough drop that is probably older than he is and I can see he is intent on eating this hair covered delicacy.  I tell him not to and he starts to feverishly unwrap the floor treasure and I lunge to rip it from his hands.  Now in hind sight I probably should have let him wolf it down and pay the piper but alas.  I’m sure he’ll find something on the floor to eat tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  So anyways he goes into his room and slams the door.  No screaming, throwing things or hitting the wall.  Just silence.

8pm:  He’s in self imposed timeout and we’ve said goodnight.  I run to the store and stop by a buddies place for a short period.  I get home around 9pm and the misses is leaving his room and I can hear him bargaining.  The wife dude tells him he didn’t chill so the game is over and he’s protesting mildly.  I roll up out of no where like Batman and he looks at me as if I’ve come to his rescue.  I crush his dreams and give him a monotone “go to bed” and turn to walk away.  He says “but you guys always lay with me!”  “Not tonight.” I turn and walk away.  He growls and says to himself “Not tonight, I’m going to sleep alone!” Then slams the door 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Considering two days ago 10’s were popping off like a Marine in Nam I can live with 3.

Really the book I posted about earlier is yielding results immediately.   He speaks of the child wanting your attention regardless of how he gets it so the best thing to do is walk away.  Tonight we were coming into the house and he wanted me to stand with him in the driveway so he could ride his skateboard.  Now keep in mind I’ve given him permission to ride in the driveway without adult supervision.  We trust him.  He just wants an audience.  He’s standing at the bottom of the scares screaming “DUDE! DUDE!”  I have to admit, my wife and I were at his beck and call when this adventure started and obviously did ourselves a huge disservice.

I simply came inside without acknowledging him and shut the door.  Before I got to the kitchen he was in the living room calling me, but I kept moving.  I got to the kitchen and he walks in and calmly says “Dude, I was calling you didn’t you hear me?”  I smiled and said “Yeah buddy, I just didn’t like you yelling and not saying please.”  Then walked away.  When I came out of the bathroom I got a “Will you please play this game with me.”  I stuck the tiny flag in my small victory.

He then proceeded to make up rules for the stupid game we were playing and it essentially ended up in me handing him cards for ten minutes.  I looked back fondly at my tiny flag.  Abide.

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