2-2-12 I am the walrus.

So I quit taking it easy last night and I convinced myself that I had given Little Walter a concussion and I went back into the bowling alley (aka the bedroom).  I immediately regretted it because he was about to drift off and I woke him up.  He glares at me and says “what?”  Frankly I can’t blame him.  He was almost asleep.  I ask if his head is ok and he says no with his asshole voice so I know that it is.  I lie down with him and instead of flipping out he snuggles up.  I can live with that for now even if I have to deal with alone bedtime later.  We are picking our battles man.

He lies there for a bit fidgeting and says to me “Tomorrow at school I have to bring my Scream costume.  They are having a parade and to be in the parade you have to be in costume for groundhogs day.”  At this point I immediately assume Little Walter is working me because he has told a rich kid, girl or cool kid that he was coming to school today in costume because he’s this close to breaking his foster parents.  Which he is.  I say “we’ll take it with us and ask the teacher if it is ok, go to sleep.”  I ended up tagging out and the misses cuddles with him and got him to sleep 45 minutes later.

This morning at 5:00am he bounds into the bedroom and gets in between me and the misses.  He says to both of us “I’m wearing my costume today because Mike said I could.”  I feel like I’ve either drank 8 White Russians or had my ass kicked by 8 of them but still I am pretty sure I said nothing of the sort.  Allie says the school won’t let him wear the mask he freaks and goes into his room.  Locks the door.  Allie picks the lock and we go in ready for anything.  He’s pouting.  I say again “I can’t believe a school is celebrating Groundhogs day with a random costume party, I see nothing on the website about it and have received no emails.  There is a pep rally tomorrow but nothing about costumes.  If we take your costume and your teacher has no idea why you have it.  We will have a long conversation about honesty.”

“What if I’m being honest?” says Little Walter.

“I’ll buy pizza for dinner.”  He’s ok with this.  Now I’m questioning everything!  In the past when I’ve caught him talking in circles or challenged him this way he goes nuts cause he knows he went “over the line.”  He through us a swerve and got ready for school without incident.

So we get to school and I roll up on his burnout teacher and ask her, “Are the students wearing costumes today?”  She says, “I made a joke that they could come to school dressed as a groundhog. See I’m wearing brown.”  It took a fair amount of dudelyness to not smack her right there.  Who jokes with 6 year olds about costumes?  That is nothing to joke about with a six year old.  The silver lining is the kid wasn’t lieing, he was just mistaken.  He couldn’t wear the mask and that bummed him out but pizza tonight should make up for that.


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