January 31st – Just Another Gutter ball.

UGH!  Little Walter was in rare form tonight.  He’s stopped trying to participate in the bedtime process at all.  We lay out the same steps we always do and he just goes crazy without provocation.  The Dude “Hey man, relax put on your jammies, brush your choppers and we’ll read a story!”  Walter “You’re not going to read me a story just get out.”  I say no I will.  “Get out.”  Then as I try to leave he throws himself at the door.  Won’t stay in bed (or on the floor as he hasn’t sleep in a bed for three weeks.) and continuously opens the door.  Calls me names.  I’m the stupidest, lamest fat man with a fake family ever.  After a perfect school departure this morning I thought we were back in tune and abiding but it’s just another gutter ball.  Tomorrow is another day.

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6 Responses to January 31st – Just Another Gutter ball.

  1. burbanmom says:

    Oh, Mike. I’m so sorry. This must be such a tough adjustment for this little guy – my heart goes out to him, as well as to you and Allison. This cannot be easy. Has the adoption agency or social worker provided any guidance on how to deal with the adjustment in an older child? I would ask them if they have any suggested reading or classes. A cursory search of Amazon turned up a couple books that looked ineresting…

    Best of luck – hang in there – Little Walter is counting on you guys! 🙂

    • thedudedad says:

      Help is on the way. We just need patience with and ourselves. I tell him every night “tomorrow we start fresh.” He screams “no we don’t, we never do!” Then I say “We do, you can. Love you, good-night.” I need to heed my own words and start fresh with myself as well as him. Or in other words. Abide. 🙂

  2. Shannon C. says:

    It’s not a gutter ball – every time he does this and you still love him, you passed his test.

  3. JoshG says:

    I love how you lay out the steps for him. One of the biggest life adjustments my wife and I have made in the foster care experience is how to plan. We used to just wing everything in our life but that doesn’t work anymore. Our kids really need to know what to expect. They need to know something’s planned, what the schedule is, that there will be a tomorrow, that we have events coming up that they’re part of. We put up a whiteboard with a calendar on it and they look at it every day. And when we say we’ll have lasagna tomorrow, we better do our darndest to have lasagna tomorrow. Its taught us to be more careful of what we say, because once it leaves our lips and goes to their ears somehow it has become a promise. With all the disappointment and broken promises they’ve heard, we’re just another person letting them down. So, in my long winded response, keep doing the routine as best you can! P.S. You’re awesome.

    • thedudedad says:

      Thank you man for the kind words. It easy to plan the trick is knowing when to let it go and when to stand your ground. We just take it day by day and try and back each other up. I know the other day my wife threatened to take the door off the hinges so he’d have no privacy. I was behind her whining in unison with him going “noooooo then we won’t have any privacy!” lol

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